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Yeaahh vacation

18. Aug. 2018

From today on 2 weeks vacation!!!!!! :)

New goal for Mara & me

24. Jun. 2018

Since we passed our obedience exam, I am looking for a new goal for my sweety and me. I really love Agility and I decided our next goal.

I want to participate in Agility tournaments next year!

So the next half year, we will do our best to be able to join these events.


Have a good night!

Mara and I passed our first obedience exam

22. Jun. 2018

Already one year has passed, since I got my cute little dog Mara. At the beginning it was a really difficult way, because she was so scared of a lot of different things. In this year Mara grew strong and fought a lot with her fears and last Saturday we participated in our very first exam. 
In Austria, when you want to participate in any competition or other stuff you first have to pass a certain traffic test. The dog has to control itself when cars, bicylces, other dogs, joggers etc pass and stay calm when I'm shortly away.

The traffic test and the first obedience test are combined at the club I joined. The obedience test ist called "Begleithundeprüfung" in my language and is shortend to BH exam. It consist of:

1st part:

  • with leash:
    • walking next to me
    • running next to me
    • walking slowly next to me
    • walk around people next to me
  • without leash:
    • walking next to me
    • sit, do not move and wait as the dog handler goes away and comes back
    • lay down, do not move as the dog handler goes away and then calls the dog back to his side

2nd part:

  • without leash:
    • lay down, do not move as the dog handler goes some steps away and stand as another dog and his handler does the 1st part


And as you can read in the title, Mara and I passed the exam!
We are now allowed to participate in competitions like Rally Obedience, Agility etc.


Best regards,

September Guest

08. Nov. 2017

In September I had a guest here in Austria. A cute japanese girl who is watching my channel. She asked me, if we could meet when she is in Austria. I scheduled my work, so I could meet her. We spend the whole day in Vienna and showed her different places. When we were at the Schönbrunn castle, she wanted to visit the Japanese garden so we looked it up and went there. And I wanted to make a video for you guys too. I already uploaded it so go and have fun watching it. :)

Say hello to Mara :)

25. May. 2017

Since almost 2 weeks I have a new family member. She is my new sweety! I adopted her from a shelter and she is 1-2 years old. From now on we live together. Mara and I are going to the dog school. It's quite a lot of fun. :)

'lil sisters birthday :)

07. May. 2017

This week was my little sisters birthday, so we gathered this Sunday to celebrate it. The food was awesome delicious!! It's always too much food to eat, but I really love it and overeat myself. XD Little sister! I wish you a great birthday!!


Diversity Ball

01. May. 2017

This year I had the chance to join the Diversity Ball. It is quite a big event. The biggest one is the "Life Ball" and this one is the second biggest. This year, you could wear your traditional clothes and get in cheaper and that was great, because I love my Dirndl and I don't really have the chance to wear it. And the event theme was interesting too, so I was really glad I could join this event. I saw a lot of different people in all kinds and forms - this is the diversity in us, but we are all humans - that's the equality in us. And this event embraces these things and I think it is a good thing and I hope I am able to join it again next year with some friends.

Do you have April Weather in your country?

26. Apr. 2017

I made a new video a few days ago about the April Weather here in Austria. It's a quite changing weather, so take care that you have everything, when you come to Austria at this season. :)

local newspaper

14. Apr. 2017

The company I'm working for moved into a bigger place and we made a welcome party and invited a lot of people from our city and many clients. The mayor of our city and a journalist from our local newspaper came too. They party was really filled up with people and I was behind the bar and gave the everybody their drinks. It was quite a lot of fun, because when I was a student I worked in a restaurant and it was quite a lot of fun then. I remembered how much fun I had when giving out drinks. The journalist mentioned our company in a small article and 2 photos. In one of the photos you can see me too. :)

Happy Easter!!

29. Mar. 2017

In a few weeks we have easter season again.
This time I made a different video about easter decorations. Last year I made a video how we color eggs these days and 2 years ago about coloring eggs longer ago. This year I colored them with pens and put them on a catkins. I am not the best at drawing, but I was able to make some cute eggs. I plan to put up some photos of easter bushes outside. Take a look at them when the photos are uploaded. ;)

got a new job

03. Mar. 2017

In February I started a new job, so I got quite busy lately and get used to my new job. It is a job as a web frontend developer and I really like creating websites from the beginning and seeing every piece get into its place. It is not easy, but I really like it.

Happy New Year everybody!

01. Jan. 2017

A new year has started! I hope you had a really good new Year's Eve. I attended a party at a friends house. This time we were at a new location in St. Pölten. We had a really nice evening, playing some computer games and dining very delicious. Starting at midnight like every year the fireworks started everywhere and it was awesome to watch, like every year!! How did you spend your New Year's Eve? I really like to spend it with my family and friends.
I wish you a wonderful new year and keep on purchasing your dreams!!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

25. Dec. 2016

I hope you have a really good christmas in your own place! I had a great christmas with my family. I visited my granny and in the evening we came home and had a really delicious raclette. I really love it when our family gathers together. In this video, which I already uploaded in the morning of the 24th is how we decorate our little christmas tree. In the pictures you can see the lightend up christmas tree, which I posted on my instagram account too and the presents I got, a new book with over 1250 pages, a coat, a handmade cap and some money. Thank you very much!! :)


19. Dec. 2016

I slowly think I made quite a lot of different christmas cookies. I hope I can upload all before Christmas day XD This time I made one of my favorites. It is called Vanillekipferl. They are made of walnuts and vanilla, really delicious ingredients! You really have to try these!!!!


18. Dec. 2016

The second video is up on my channel. This time I made Punschkrapferl together with my mum. Okay, she made it, I filmed it XD Punschkrapferl are delicious rum cookies, which are very common in my country. I hope you will try it out and tell me how you like it.

Christmas Cookies

17. Dec. 2016

All I want for Christmas are COOKIES!!!! Check out my latest video! I made some christmas cookies. I plan to put up more videos how to bake christmas cookies. I made several with my mum. For now I still have to cut all videos and finish them. So you will see some more videos ;)

Perchten Run

13. Dec. 2016

Last saturday I went to my first Perchten Run ever. It was really a lot of fun to watch and the small children getting scared XD I hope they will be good kids for the following year. But I have to say the Perchten are really scary. If I'd see one in the middle of nowhere, it would scare the hell out of me.

Advent Wreaths

26. Nov. 2016

Just a few days and a new video again. Please check out my latest video about advent wreaths. Just a few weeks left until Christmasand here in Austria we have the tradtion of the advent wreaths. A lot of people just buy them, but I really love to make them. In this video I'd like to show you how you can easily make your own advent wreath.

Emergency Corridor

22. Nov. 2016

How does it work in your country? In my latest video I talk a little bit about the emergency corridor. When autumn comes, so comes the fog too and the chance of car accidents rises quite a lot. In Austria we have to make a emergency corridor for emergency vehicles so that they can get faster to the hurt people to help them. It is very important to make this corridor that's why I wanted to talk a little bit about it.

Castle Dürnstein

02. Aug. 2016

Made a new video about Castle Dürnstein. We went Geocaching and I took the opportunity. If you get the chance to come to Austria you surely have to visit this place. It is beautiful and at the top of the castle you can see a beautiful view over the Wachau.